The vast amount of data available on the dashboard spans across all aspects of a healthcare practice. Physicians and Administrators alike find it beneficial to use the dashboard. Our clients have run into many of the same issues you have. But don't take our word for it!


The dashboard has allowed me to keep abreast of how my clinic is meeting each individual Meaningful Use measure. I can see how each physician and staff member is meeting the requirements and can immediately address issues if the scores decrease.
- Rosemary S. Spine Center, Charlotte NC

The dashboard has allowed me to identify areas where revenue may be missing such as missing tickets and TOS. It is also a great tool to stay on top of surgical charges to keep the physicians informed of what is outstanding so they expedite submission keeping the revenue coming in!
- Barbara E. Pediatric Center, Charlotte NC

I utilize the dashboard daily to maintain compliance, weekly for auditing purposes, monthly for key performance indicators and annually to gauge financial performance. But what really makes the dashboard invaluable is the time saving associated with this tool. By taking away the arduous task of maintaining these measures manually it allows me to focus my time on operations of the clinic and financial growth.
- David L. Foot & Ankle Institute, Charlotte NC