Operations Management

Operations Management

The health care paradigm is shifting. In light of this shift, health care organizations are being forced to scramble in an effort to find stability in an increasingly uncertain market. In order to rise to the challenge, organizations will be forced to consider new and innovative ways to do more with less. Efficient people management, technology oversight and developing the key protocols to be successful; all of which stem from your use of the data. We designed our software with these exact intentions in mind.

Operational Key Performance IndicatorsOperational

  • Appointment Data
    • New & Established Visit Trends
    • Visit Wait Times
    • Surgical Volume Trends
    • Office Visits per Session
    • Arrived Appointments
    • No Show Appointments
    • Future Canceled Appointments
    • Same Day Canceled & No Show Trends
  • Time of Service Collections
  • Missing Charge Tickets
  • Labor Management
    • Appointments per Scheduling FTE
    • Arrived Patients per Clinical Support FTE
    • Test/Surgical Cases per TSS FTE
    • X-Ray Procedures per FTE
    • Billed Procedure Units per Therapist
    • Billed Units per Arrived Therapy Patient
    • TOS collections by cashier
  • Sessions Worked (Office & SX)
  • RVU Tracking
  • Ancillary Visit Data
    • MRI Utilization & Forecasting
    • Orthopedic Urgent Care Visits
    • Physical Therapy Utilization & Forecasting

  • Patient Satisfaction
    • Experience with Facility & Staff
    • Experience with Provider

  • Patient Appointment Wait Times
  • Hall Space Utilization