Payor Contracting

Payor Reimbursement

Many practices do not have the luxury of paying a subscription fee to analyze insurance payments vs. actual contracted rates e.g Experian. The revenue cycle focus is usually on capturing correct demographics (IMPORTANT) to push the claim out the door (IMPORTANT) and turning that into cash quickly (IMPORTANT). What can get overlooked is how those payments compare to what the insurance company is obligated to pay by contract.

Arrowlytics creates snapshot reports for all clients to give each practice insight on how their commercial, governmental, and workers' compensation carriers are actually paying in comparison to Medicare (actual Medicare payments to the group, not a national or regional index). The purpose is twofold: to validate the group's understanding of 'who is paying the best', by service line and as a tool to compare actual to contracted rates since many contracts are negotiated as a percentage of Medicare.

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